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Full Breakfast / Complete Breakfast

Our full breakfast is the ideal way to start the perfect day, it includes: full cream or low-fat milk, grounded coffee, tea bags, brown or white sugar, butter, peach or strawberry jam, loaf bread, eggs, bacon, cereal, fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt, Spanish sausage (salchichon), Iberian chorizo, water bottles and orange juice boxes.

The most fulfilling breakfast to kick-off and pursuit your day head-on with.

If none of these breakfast interest you because you will be busy doing other things in the morning, we’ve got best snacks for you!

Items !

Milk (1.5 ltr) , Ground Coffee (250 gr) , Tea , Suger , Jam, Butter, Pan / Bread, Water bottle ( 1.5 ltr), Juices ( 3 packs), Bacon (150 gr), Eggs ( 6 u), Seasonal Fruit ( 500 gr), Cereals (450 gr), Yoghurts (4 u), Salchichon ( 80 gr), Sausage ( 100 gr).

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Full Breakfast 40,00 €

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Full Breakfast